Studio Splurd

Splurd was established in 1998 by Jeremy Kayes and Jenn Weaver. Splurd is our internet clubhouse. It was a sanctuary we could share with our friends and a venue through which we could broadcast our art, our comics, our thoughts and our dreams. Over years of ups and downs, Jer keeps the site running and posts new things as often as he can.

The Indies

by Jeremy Kayes

Natalie Alastair doesn't have any real problems. She has a stable technical career, a supportive social life, two cats and a childhood dream of becoming a professional artist. Unfortunately, she's been chasing her dream so hard for so long that she's burning out completely. Now, on the verge of giving up, Natalie must look to her closest creative friends to discover why art is too important to abandon.

The Elves of Iax

by Jeremy Kayes

Every myth is a prophecy.


hosted by Jeremy Kayes

Sicaga (Seattle Independent Comic and Game Artists) was started in 2011 as a community for anyone who aspired to make art for comics or games. Sicaga has a full calendar of regular events where artists can show up to network, build skills, share critique and find motivation they need to keep producing and improving their art.

Rational Man with a Shotgun

by Jeremy Kayes with Who Would Win

Meet Blake Cobalt, the Rational Man with a Shotgun. Blake is a community-created hero from the Reddit board "Who Would Win." With his brother Ethan and his sidekick Gina (the Genre Savvy Girl with a Sword), Blake battles the best and most powerful beings in all of fiction, primarily by calling them on their bullshit.


by Jenn Weaver

For three and a half years, Jenn Weaver's Blah was Splurd's most reliable feature. Sure, you could go read those other stick figure comics but this one is right here.

Splurd Comic Archive

The Old Crew

You can't make good comics unless you enjoy making crappy ones. The Comic Archive has all the bad art, unfunny in-jokes and tired pop-culture references we could pack into a decade of learning to express ourselves. I'm kidding. They're not that bad. This is just our early work. Hating your early work is part of being an artist.

Splurd Rant Archive

The Old Crew

What is it like to say whatever you think, whenever you think it, with no fear of repercussions? I've never experienced more potent freedom than I did writing these rants. They're not all good. They're not all nice. They're harsh, opinionated, even ignorant. In those early internet days when we were young, stupid and fearless. Saying whatever we pleased as loudly as we could was the greatest feeling in the world. It still might be. I haven't found better.