The Five Friend Dynamic pt 2

posted April 27, 2011 by Jenn

JennJust thought I'd mention the moon phase aspects that also follow this pattern, as illustrated in World of Darkness' Rage: The Apocalypse. Specifically, these are the auspices that each Garou belongs to by birth:

Ahroun - Full Moon - The Driven Captain - The moon is at its boldest and brightest and commands the sky. It's in this phase the moon is a leader, lighting the way in the night.

Galliard - Gibbous Moon - The Inspiring Sprite - The moon is quite bright, lifting the spirits of those who don't care for the dark or crave the light to see something hidden.

Philodox - Half Moon - The Realist Grump - the moon is half dark, half light, in balance. The judge must look at both sides of an issue equally before weighing in, with realism that is just as sharp as the line between light and dark.

Theurge - Crescent Moon - The Learned Philosopher - The moon is still quite dark but there is a sliver of light, capable of showing paths where they may otherwise be missed, like a wise man or guidance counselor with that bit of advice that makes everything clear.

Ragabash - New Moon - The Poignant Oddball - the moon is hidden and it's a perfect time for the jokester to work. Humor is necessary and humor born in the dark, when no one sees it coming, is the best at driving a needed pause in even the most frantic or worried mind.