posted September 5, 2010 by Jer


A couple days ago, I posted a frustrated quip about how the final boss of Shank (Electronic Arts Klei Entertainment) is absolutely impossible to beat. At the time, I scoured the internet for hints on his weak point or just a strategy to take him down and found nothing. I then publicly said some unkind things about the game design.

Well, it turns out, we're all just stupid. We're spoiled by games that hold our hand from beginning to end. If Shank has a failing, its that it held our hand too much before the end. In truth, the final boss DOES have a weakness, and the game gave us plenty of information to figure it out all on our own.

Here's a video of me beating Cesar, the final boss. A couple better videos have popped up out there, as well.

The game tells you to push LT when you lock blades with him. What the game does not tell you is to push RT to grapple him which is what you did for every other boss when they were weakened. Do this, and Shank executes an awesome flying suplex pile driver thing on Cesar, taking about 1/6th of his health bar. The only real trick is consistently locking blades with him, which will happen eventually. Just slice him up while you're waiting, and you'll take Cesar down.

So, now that I know Shank isn't a failure of game design and I'm just stupid, I have to officially give it a good rating. So, dusting off the old Splurd rating system, I give it 2 beers. Pretty damn good game.

Hey, does anyone remember when it was totally faux pas to beat up dogs in video games? As gruesome and brutal as the violence in Shank was, beating up the dogs really bothered me. Though, it bothered me even MORE in the Scott Pilgrim vs The World game. I say there needs to be a button to sedate the dog, find the neglectful owner who let it go feral, and beat the tar out of them instead.

Rating: 2.0 beer