Lack of Q comics

posted September 2, 2009 by Q

QI'm sorry for being MIA, it's beyond my control...

In the last 5 months, my year old laptop has died 3 deaths with the motherboard frying. This most recent death came just 3 weeks after it got fixed from it's last laptop death. Right when I was starting to update FRIENDS 4 EVER!!!! again, too.

So, my laptop has been dead since the 20th, and has been in the shop since the 22nd and is not due back until at least the 8th because school's starting, and everyone's laptops are in the shop...

The point is: Today I managed to sneak onto the internet and found that was hacked (as was With no laptop and no backups, I freaked out and called Jer, who, through the magic of Google, found out that he hacked many Dreamhost sites. If you're on DH's Avalanche server like I am, please check out that link.

Meanwhile, the rest of you should educate yourselves about Dreamhost's little hacker friend here and here. Again, my apologies if you've gone to one of my sites and saw something completely unexpected. I will be back some time next week I hope.