Papyrus, Stupid People and Twilight

posted July 22, 2009 by Jer


This is an update. You know, a real one. We've been quipping about dead people way too much. We're a web site. Web sites are suppose to... jeez what the hell are web sites supposed to do? Update or something? Sure. Fine. Let's go.

We're working really hard on Papyrus. It'll be going to the printer before the end of the month. We actually sold a few ads, which is terribly great news. There's still time to purchase an ad if you know a guy who knows a guy who might be interested. Guy being gender nonspecific, of course.

You know what I hate? People. Not you, Internet. You've been a great friend through thick and thin. I just hate people. Right now I hate people who make rules. Rulemakers think they have power, but they don't. They have to obey people who make money, and I hate those people, too. Moneymakers give money to Rulemakers which enables them to decide what rules get made. Moneymakers think they have power, but they don't. Moneymakers only get money from people who spend money, who I hate most of all. Moneyspenders don't think they have power, but they do. Moneyspenders just spend money on stupid shit that empowers Moneymakers to give money to Rulemakers, which in turn creates rules that force Moneyspenders to spend more money on stupid shit. The Moneyspenders then bitch about the Rulemakers making stupid rules. So in conclusion, I hate everyone.

The crew and I watched Twilight to see how bad it was. I didn't pay for it. A while back I bought Let The Right One In from Scarecrow which entitled me to a free rental. I found it beautifully ironic to use the purchase of a real vampire movie to rent a fake vampire movie without paying for it.

I'll tell you a secret, Internet: I was willing to give it a chance. I recently saw Dragonball Evolution on an airplane and it turned out to only kinda suck. Well, Twilight wasn't like that. It sucked a lot.

Often, movies will make their intentions perfectly clear to me. When Heath Ledger's Joker put a pencil through guy's face (or vice versa, actually), we all knew Dark Knight was going to be awesome. Twilight had the opposite moment. I know all you smart people out there have seen a clip of Bella looking longingly across the lunchroom at Edward for the first time. What you don't know about was the shot of Edward's face that comes directly afterwords. I'm completely serious. The movie pretty much goes down from there. I might give you a full report later. We'll see.