We... are NOT... DEAD!!!!!!!

posted July 26, 2004 by Jer

JerI really don't know when this message will hit the internet, but when it does we will officially be THE BLACK KNIGHT OF THE INTERNET! That's right, Network Solutions, you may have tried to sodomize the sacred seal of Splurd, but as much respect as we have for alternate lifestylists, THE SPLURD DON'T SWING THAT WAY, BABY! ...and so from the murky depths of assrape oblivion we craw by our teeth and claws back into the GLORIOUS WORLD OF LIFE, CHAOS, MAYHEM AND SOAPBOXES!

If you are reading this, then Studio Splurd is now broadcasting live from it's new home on Fuitadnet. It is through a BRUTAL FIGHT TO THE DEATH with Network Solutions and its UNDYING DESIRE TO SQUELCH US FROM THE WORLD WIDE WEB that we have come. You heard it here, ladies and gentlemen, we are only here because I MADE NET-SOL MY BITCH. And now that we're back, WE'RE BACK TO STAY!

Things'll be a bit screwy while the dust settles, but unlike all that downtime it'll be the kind of screwy I know how to fix immediately. SplurdLink is offline till I can teach it to love its new databases, but the old News and Backstage archives are back online. Splurd cartoons and select 8-bit animations can now be found in the Toys page, and through it all, Blah should continue to be updated without interruptions. UPDATE: I patched up The Forum, so it should be working fine now, too. If it's giving you bugs, e-mail me at crew@splurd.com.

Still to come are the new News page and a new bios section - both of which will be discussed in depth when we all meet up for Otakon. You may notice there is now a Crew page, onto which we may be including some new psychopaths into the fold. Stay tuned, for soon the crew page will be more than a cryptic teaser listing obscure nicknames. Oh, and if you loved Some Shit About Dinosaurs, I would just like the masses to know that my sister and I have collected a fair share of Playmobil pirate toys. You were warned.