An open letter to my representative

posted June 10, 2008 by Jer


Congressman McDermott,

I am writing to formally encourage you as my representative to support Rep. Dennis Kucinich's move to impeach President George W. Bush. I firmly believe it is never too late to make such an important and historic move regarding a man who has so thoroughly damaged our great country. As we look to a long, tedious future of repairing the damage his administration caused, please do not hesitate to formalize these accusations against him. I do not expect George W. Bush will be removed from office before his term is complete, but in light of Scott McClellan's public testimony, responsible Americans must hold our leader accountable. Even if nothing can be done to bring George W. Bush to justice, we are obligated as free people to take a stand, so that future leaders will know we shall never again tolerate the manipulation and fear spread by the worse regime our free and beautiful country has ever been subject to.

Please stand up and support Rep. Dennis Kucinich's move to impeach President George W. Bush. Thank you.

Dear Splurd readers: please follow suite. If you feel powerless in light of the events of the past 8 years, please do this one thing. Look up your representative's email, and demand they pick up the call.

Oh, and Republican folks who disagree with me, I fully encourage you to do the same! Let there be dialogue. Let there be debate. Let this be the final legacy of George W. Bush. Liberals, demand W's impeachment of your representatives. Conservatives, demand his defense. What has happened to our country can not be ignored and can not be slept through. Wake up. This is your last chance. Be heard. I honestly don't care what side you're on. Now is the time for voices. Not the TV's. Not the pundits'. Not the reporters' or the spinsters' or the corporations'. Your's. Why are you still reading? Be heard. Now. NOW god damnit!