Girls and Video Games

posted May 31, 2008 by Allison

AllisonSo, I was talking to my boyfriend earlier tonight about sexism in video games. Don't pretend it isn't there. Most video games for people my age are aimed at guys, so female characters are simply sex symbols and male characters are made of pure testosterone. It is, because he says, girls don't play enough video games. Does that make it OK? Most of the girls I know, even ones I'm not friendly with, play at least one video game on a regular basis. And it ranges. Yes, some only play games like The Sims 2 or DDR, but I know girls who play Halo, Resident Evil, the Final Fantasy series, World of Warcraft and other "guy" games. Most girls don't complain about this often, because they're used to it. But they shouldn't have to be. If there was a likable kickass female character (no, Samus doesn't count anymore 'cuz you stripped her) or even a male character that was maybe not just muscle and shitty one-liners (maybe more like James from Silent Hill 2), we would play more games. It's a catch-22. Make games just a little less sexist, and we'll play more. Play more video games, and we'll make them less sexist. And this doesn't mean the stereotypical characters can't exist. Just don't make it a regular thing. Sure, even I enjoyed playing as Duke Nukem ten years ago, and there's nothing wrong with a sexy female character, but when the female undead in WoW start to look enticing, something needs to be done. So girls, start up that PC and play some WoW (no, you won't get addicted), pick up a controller and play some fighting games. Go to gaming conventions, enter competitions. Show the industry that we do play, and we're sick of their shit. VIVA LA REVOLUCION!

P.S. Start looking for more Backstage. Jer has permission to revoke my ninja powers if I don't start updating. Seriously, it's summer. I should be doing something.