Aliens vs. Predator - Requiem

posted December 29, 2007 by Lunchbox Mike

Lunchbox MikeOk. This is my first review on this site and I'm going to try to keep it short as I haven't slept in a long time. Last night I went to see AVPR. I didn't much care for the first movie. I thought it was just an all around bad attempt. Now I don't go to these kinds of movies for elaborate storylines and deep character development, I go to be entertained by blood and violence. And I must say that AVPR delivered. The acting was at least a little better this time around. There was a good mix of violence and humor(morbid, but humor nonetheless)thoughout. The fight scenes between the Predator and the aliens were awesome and the various death scenes involving humans were fun to watch. One thing I wasn't sure about going into this movie was how they were going to keep the dark, claustrophobic element of previous Alien movies given the fact they are on the surface of Earth. But that element was definitely there in full. In summary, go see this movie if you want to have fun watching one alien species eat humans and battle another alien species. I give this 2 vodka shots because I don't go anywhere without 2 vodka shots.

Rating: 2.0 vodka