Q's Bender and Sober nomenee's - The WGA Strike and BLITEOTW

posted December 27, 2007 by Q

QOk, so the Splurd Crew likes TV, especially Big Josh. I could walk into his house unannounced at any time of day and almost guarantee that some E! Entertainment crap would be on the tv. That, or CSI Miami. I hate those shows. But somehow they suck a person in. Because they're dumb.

My Bender award this year goes to The Writer's Guild Association strike.

Why? I'll tell you why. The other week, I was watching TV and a new reality show was advertised. It is called Meter Wars. It's about being a meter maid. A METER MAID! And people will watch! And this reality TV tripe is all because it's cheap to make and doesn't require writers. This strike left me with an early finale for Heroes. Reruns of House. A really, really bad leave off point for Law n Order SVU. I want my evenings back, damnit!

My sober award goes to Blog Like It's the End of the World. BLITEOTW was a brilliant idea. For one, it didn't take place around Halloween or anything morbid, so it was more shocking when people started reading posts about people on their Livejournal friends lists being bitten or attacked in subway stations. Very shocking indeed.

But really, BLITEOTW allowed people to use their imaginations, and even more than that, it offered us an excuse to write outside of our comfort zones, and into a genre we might not nessisarily write in. Hell, even Splurd took part in BLITEOTW. Jer lost his hand, and Seffinga died the death of the undead. Allison didn't make it either. Weep for Allison.

So there you have it. My nominees.