Silent Hill: Among the Damned

posted January 26, 2005 by Q

QOk, Silent Hill is one of my loves. It's an abusive relationship, with Silent Hill 4: The Room jerking me around like a battered wife strung out on a nice nostril full of White Claudia, but I still haven't abandoned my beloved peaceful resort town that heals my soul.

Which is why The Silent Hill comic books, released by IDW Publishing hurt me so much.

I've read the first four issues of "Silent Hill: Dying Inside", which were huge disappointments, but that's not what I'm here to review. I'm here to review "Silent Hill: Among the Damned".

My first complaint is that this thing did not make one scrap, one iota of sense! I read this thing twice, wondering if I missed something, but a friend and fellow SH fan concurred with me, exclaiming she feared that she was losing intelligence.
I know what you're going to say, you’re going to say "But Silent Hill is always a mindfuck, Q." Yeah, that's right, but in the end, they make sense! They have a point or a plot. And they never, ever melt down to shoot and run action like The Terminator!
I should have abandoned it at pages two and three...when a small army caravan was fighting Double heads.

Let us deal with the sins of this comic book, shall we?
For one, we never really learn the title character's motivation.
Two: There's a love interest named Dahlia. Any hard core SH fan will be able to tell what's wrong with this. Dahlia was the villain from the original Silent Hill game. Was the writer so un-creative that he had to give a character a name from one old, established character, and the job of another established character?! As a side note- They're coming out with another Silent Hill comic, with a "Sexy, gun toting cheerleader named Cheryl." Cheryl's the name of the 6 year old girl from the original Silent Hill. Shoot me, please?
Three: Ohhhhh good old number three. The Monsters. This comic had Double heads from SH3, the Carrousel from SH3, Pendulums from SH3, Closers from SH3, and Lying creatures/Patient Demons from SH2. Let me explain what is wrong with this. Silent Hill brings your inner torments to existence. It personifies your sins, so that you can come to terms with the no-all-rainbows-and-drops-of-sunshine bits of your life. Number 2 had hugely sexual metaphors, number three had amazingly deep allusions to birth and pregnancy, and number 4 is one good old child-romp. No two characters in Silent Hill are ever going to see the same thing unless their 'realities' clash. IE: In Number 2, James saw fire, an Angela delusion, because of there interaction. Stop recycling monsters. I've written a Silent Hill centric story. I made my monsters from scratch. I spent effort on them. Hell, I looked at the map for the Hospital so I wouldn't fuck up locations in mine! Make deep, psychologically distinct ones, or just fuckin' stop. Sorry about the soap-boxy tangent, that's a fandom peeve of mine.
Four: Don't rip off H.R. Giger when you draw.
Five: The dialogue. "Fuckin' damn you- DIE! Shit shit shit!". And you wonder why I felt that my IQ is falling a few notches.

Ok, perhaps I'm being too harsh. One thing I did like was the art, even if the final monster was a cheap copy of Giger's "Lilith". I preffered it not for the designs, but for the 'camera' angles. I especially loved pages 18 and 25. The art was better in "Among the Damned" then "Dying Inside", which was too cartoony and sketchy, then just became lazy. At least "Among the Damned" has that going for it.

I want my fandom back.

Rating: 5.0 vodka