Poe's Haunted is Haunting

posted November 20, 2007 by Q

QThis past fall, I finally picked up the book House of Leaves, which, if you've read it, you'll understand why I coloured the title of the book blue.

I adored the book, but found it nigh impossible to review. But luck is with us, dear reader! While reading other reviews for House of Leaves, I came across the fact that the author's sister created an album with various House of Leaves references. This album is called "Haunted" by Poe.

Given the nature of the material I am about to review, I expect their to be some House of Leaves spoilers. Sorry.

"Haunted" is actually two subplots in one, much like House of Leaves. Some songs are obviously references or outright soundtracks to the novel, while the other 'subplot' is a tribute/discussion/rant to and with her father. Some songs seem to fit in both 'subplots'.

There are many aural nuances in each song, and one has to listen very closely to get the most out of the tracks. Some of the songs (like Sweet Spanish Doll and Wild) seem to be, for lack of a better term, falling apart. I found that I could appreciate this effect more because of House of Leaves.

For an exercise in surreality, "Haunted" succeeds, especially if one listens to the album when half asleep at midnight with earphones.

I give Haunted 3 shrooms, which could either expand on the experience that is this album, or overload your senses. Either way, it's fun.

Oh, and by the way? Poe's Haunted kicks Amy Lee's Haunted ass.

Rating: 3.0 shroom