M. Night Shyamalan's The Village

posted January 25, 2005 by Big Josh

Big  Josh

Ah The Village, The Village what can I say that already hasn't been said about The Village... Oh yeah how about a review by someone that actually enjoyed the movie. First before I start the review I will state that there will be spoilers all over this review and if you are someone that hates spoilers and me stay as fucking far away from this review as you possibly can.

The Village is the newest movie by writer, director and producer M. Night Shyamalan who is suppose to be the master of suspense and stuff and he has managed in his career to make interesting movies but on this one he seems to have missed the target of people who give two shits about this movie. The main reason I liked this movie is because the movie's plot goes from a whole town in Pennsylvania in 1895 that is surrounded by things that I shall not speak of to a story about love between a blind chick and a shy tough guy and what the element of love entails. Now don't worry kiddies I haven't gone all mushy I just enjoy when love is in a movie and it is not in a shape that can be marketable and given to roles like Kate Hudson and Sandra Bullock. The movie also has a sense of a play much like the time I watched real plays you know cause I am cultured and crap so that is also a good pointer. Last thing is the movie's atmosphere was something eerie yet at the same time historical because for a good portion of the movie I kinda thought that it was 1895 but it wasn't so poop on me for being naive.

I really enjoy when actors play retards either well like What's Eating Gilbert Grape or badly like Gigli because I find that it is great that the one minority we can all get a laugh out of is the retard and we don't feel bad because retards also get a laugh out of retards. I am bringing this up of course because Adrian Brody is keeping it real Oscar style and playing the shit out of a retard, in the beginning he is all playful ooohing at pretty colors, applauses at the monster when they are thinking about killing, you know all the stuff that retards bring comfortably to the table. Then he makes all with the stabbings cause he feels that blind bitch is his bitch and no one else's and when he gets locked up he says to himself, "Hey I gotta suit in here and I likes dem monsters so Im sa gonna break free and scare the doo doo out of my gurlfriend." (Its cause he is retarded)

Rating: 2.5 beer