America Is All Sad

posted October 15, 2007 by Jer


Good Luck, folks. America is in the crapper, and it's your fault. No, not that guy over there. Not the one who voted for that other guy who you didn't vote for. Yours. If you spend American money on American corporations, it's your fault.

I had an epiphany the other day when I was buying shoes. The shoe store sold me two different sized shoes, and I had to get in to it with the sales clerk. Now, I've worked retail before. I REALLY don't like giving clerks a hard time. Whatever is pissing me off is NOT their fault. Some guy, somewhere, behind a hand-made oak desk on the 42nd floor of an office building in Manhattan decided on a company policy that this guy must now tell me he has to obey. The trouble is, this guy also need the money, needs the job, and so he fights to defend this system he doesn't believe in and would totally piss him off had it been used against him.

Who we vote for isn't enough to change the world anymore. We need to take a look at who we're making rich. Every day you go to work and someone gives you a paycheck, you're making SOMEONE rich. The American way is if you work hard, you make yourself rich. That's not happening to any I know, and the people I know work pretty fucking hard. Check that... there are a few who don't work hard anymore, but that's because they DID work hard, and they got right and properly dicked by the person or people who were getting rich off of their labor.

Who do you work for? Can you have a beer with that person? Can you laugh with him after work about how hard that last ordeal was, and how better off you BOTH are now that it's settled? To tell the truth, I have that right now, but I'm about the only one I know who does. I work for a smallish company, less than 100 people. I say hi to the guy who owns it every once in a while. I know my labor lines his pockets and I don't mind because this job keeps me stable and covers my health insurance while I draw my comics and chase my own dream. But I look at my hard working (and hard worked) friend, and not one of them has that same luxury. In the strongest economy in the world, that should a god-damned inalienable RIGHT.

I have a radical idea, and I really shouldn't talk because I'm not in a position to partake in it, but here it goes. If you work for a corporation you hate, quit your job. Everyone. Quit now. Quit today. What will you do? If you've got the means, start your own business. It's not hard. It's RISKY, but playing it safe has landed us in a system with shitty health care where pensions don't exist anymore. Most people my age don't even know what a pension is.

If you don't have the means to start a business, team up with someone who does. Since you have to pour 40+ hours a week into something in order to survive, make sure you know what you're building with all that labor. Make sure you can look at the guy or girl who's profiting from your labor, and know you're okay with that.

This idea is not for everyone. If you have a mortgage or kids to feed, keep your job. If you get full benefits, keep your job. But if you've got nothing to lose, walk out. Walk out today. Start your own damn strike. Either start your own business or get a job with someone who has. This is the revolution people. We don't need guns or guillotine. We just need to stop sucking at the tits of corporate America and learn how to hunt for ourselves.

Politics isn't the problem, it's the result and an easy scapegoat. No one ever ran for congress on the "Lets let one company own as many TV channels and newspapers as they want!" ticket. But when you're in office and Rupert Murdock is pouring more and more money into your lap, keeping you in office if only you'll make this ONE LITTLE LAW for him, your feeble little pampered rich white soul can only endure so much. It's not the democrat's fault. It's not the republican's fault. It's yours for working for Media Incorporated food or service subsidiary because you think you have no choice.

You have a choice. It's difficult and it's scary as hell, but you were born for more then corporate milk. Quit you job, band together, and learn to hunt. It's what humans have done since the dawn of time. I believe in you, and if everyone can do it at once, our generation might just have the best revolution ever.