Archbishop of Barbecue

posted September 6, 2007 by Jer


Desmand Tutu has just become the latest name on my list of personal heroes. So you've got a war-torn poverty-ridden country; What do you do? Barbecue. In a region with 11 different languages, the word for barbecue - "Braai" - is the same for everyone.

Politics isn't going to save the word. Neither is bureaucracy, or laws, or wars, or mandates or any of that crap. The world will be saved by having good times and sharing with your neighbors. The world is going to be saved by people getting along and learning that those near them aren't as fucking evil as everyone says they are. Here's to understanding, conversation, and barbecue.

South Africa is celebrating "Braai" day on Monday, September 24. I think me and the crew will be doing so as well. Barbecue for world peace, everyone, and if you have an internet soapbox like we Splurdagumi do, be sure to write about it.