I challange you. Break your brain for Kids!

posted August 26, 2007 by Q

QSo, I had this weird idea for a fund raiser:A movie marathon. But of TERRIBLE movies.

Like Ultravileshit
Snakes on a plane
Batman & Robin
Anything by Uwe Boll (Uwe Boll has made a FOUR HOUR long movie. Think of the funds.)

People donate money, and as soon as they donate the dollar equivalent to the movie's running time, the movie goes off, and we show the next movie. Repeat the process until all the films have been run through.

Do this, and donate to your local charity, Children's Hospital, Cancer center, or ASPCA.

Our very own Allison is going to try to organize this at her college, and if a disorganized bunch of lazy twunts like us can do it, you sure can.

If you do, feel free to email us (look below for our email address) with your story, if nothing else, it will inflate your own ego. You did a GOOD thing! What a good little philanthropist!

So go ahead! Break your brain for kids!