Drew's 2005 Ohayocon Review - Beer and Fundies and Snow! OH MY!

posted January 20, 2005 by Con Bard Drew

Con Bard Drew

Last weekend:

Thursday evening, headed down to DC. Friday morning, packed up the booze, and finally left about 7 am. Drive out to the con was wet, but okay. Got there about 1:30 PM or so. Spent most of the remainder of the day sitting in the bar at the Hyatt, chilling with a friend. Speaking of whom, he got relatively blitzed that evening, in preparation of the Roast of Robert deJesus. The Roast itself was an absolute scream, although we got there a touch late. (Best was the recovered beer-napkin drawing of Steve farting on Doug Smith, done by Robert some years ago.) Said drunk friend got up to roast Robert himself, but didn't accomplish much, as he was ripped. Kept losing his point, et.c.

Later that evening, Bob Baranak and TJ got married, with Jan Frazier performing the wedding; but we went back to the room and crashed.

Saturday, slept till 11 or so, then up and out. Chilled with friends a bit, got a badge finally, wandered. Went out and found a grocery store, got supplies. Drank, chilled, eventually went up to Jan's party. Played Apples-to-Apples, of which various people found the custom cards incredibly funny. Eventually headed out and went to bed.

Sunday, packed up and chilled. Headed out around 4.

There was also a "Dare to Share" Christian convention going on in the same convention center that weekend. Some of the christian kids had been harassing the anime fans, and were just generally being impolite/rude/unpleasant.

One of them left a note on my car.

"God ♥'s You."

So i wrote back.

"Prove It. -Owner"

And they replied:

"Col 1:
G - god created us to be w/ him
O - our sins seperate us from God
S - sins cannot be removed by good deeds
P - pay price for sin. God died and rose again
E - everyone who trusts in him will have eternal life.
L - life that eternal we will be w/ God forever.

He died to save you. He loves you more than you know."

(someone also wrote on my previous note)

"God has already proved it! God Bless! ♥-Hilary"

...So i decided to play hardball.

"Your god is Illogical.
Lev. 20:23
Ps. 5:5
Ps. 10:1
Ps. 22:1-2
Mal. 1:3
Is. 1:15
Rom. 9:13
I also point out Pr. 14:15 and 1Th. 5:21.

I merely follow my own path, as per Ec. 11:9.

Oh, and a Personal Favorite: Psalms 137:9 - Happy is he that smashes the little children agains the rock.

....they didn't write back after that.

Apparently, one of the Dare to Share organizers had dressed up in a Wolfwood costume, carrying the wrapped cross, with a "Repent!" sign on it. The reason for this was actually test their own attendees' behavior. A test which they failed miserably, as they harassed the guy significantly. Later, in one of the hotel hallways, one of the Dare reps was heard as saying "Our people have to be less judgmental."

Yeah, i'd agree with that. They also need to be less pushy, but one step at a time, i suppose.

Now, the trip home was the turning point of the weekend.

Everything was fine (although a bit cold) all through Ohio, and into WV then PA. Started snowing lightly in PA, and it really started to pick up as we were heading down I-79 to WV again. By the time we got onto I-68 east, it was snowing hard enough that you couldn't see 50 feet. The road was completely covered, as WV-Dot hadn't bothered to plow or salt. Can't see the lanes, as the markers are all covered. The truckers and SUVs are still sailing past at 65, while we're doing barely 30 with our hazards on.

Eventually, traffic backs up to a standstill. We sit for almost an hour and a half, and i get annoyed. There's an exit about 1/2 mile up, so i tell Mark to follow me, and head up the left shoulder past all the people sitting; only to find that the 4-wheelers are all gone. Only the truckers are still stopped and parked, all in a long line off on the right shoulder. Supposedly there's a truck jackknifed about 3 miles up, so we take the exit and stop at some truck stop. Fill up on gas, and head off into the mountains on some little back-woods road to US-40. The road's barely 16 feet wide, and we're moving at maybe 15mph. Some of the locals aren't happy about the slow progress, but neither I nor Mark really care. I even have the opportunity to do some slides/spinouts, but recover decently. (Mark later commented that he totally expected i was going to nail that telephone pole. Avoided it with no problems, actually.)

We finally make it to US-40, which is considerably wider than the local road, and somewhat plowed. Still slick, but not evil either. Follow that back down to I-68 (in MD) again, and continue east. By the time i hit I-270, the snow had cleared up completely, and i was moving like a bat out of hell.

Stopped at Mark's to drop off people and stuff, said goodbye, and headed home. Didn't get in till 4:30 AM.

...That's 12 and a half hours of driving.

If there's snow predicted next year, then someone else can drive.