posted May 24, 2007 by Q

QFandom and the Internet. These are two forces that, when united under a common banner are capable of great things. The online comic community for example raised thousands of dollars for Hurricane Katrina a few years back. Every year Child's Play raises millions of dollars in toys and video games for sick kids.

But, these are two forces that, when torked, they dig. They don't dig their own graves, oh no. No, they dig the graves of whatever pissed them off. It happened with Todd Goldman , for example.

And it's happening with Fanlib now.

I mentioned Fanlib here, expressing concern about their ToS. Since that post, the fanfiction community has continued digging and has unearthed some really bad hoodoo about that company.

I can't even articulate all that has been unearthed. basically, they want to make money off fanfiction. However, this could bring about "The Fan fiction apocalypse": The court case that officially deems fanfic illegal and forbidden.

Do yourself a favour and educate yourself. Here are some very helpful links.

Artical summing up Fanlib


Behind the surface of Fanlib - This one gives me shivers. I don't like this one.

I'm not going to tell you not to post there. I said so in my previous news post, but I won't now. What I will ask is for you to consider where it is you're archiving your works and to read the damn ToS on every online service provider's site.