Triplets of Bellville

posted January 19, 2005 by Q


I don't remember how I got wind of this movie in the first place, but it was rented for my niece whose age still lingers in the first half of single digit numbers. This movie is a French Canadian cartoon with a running time of over an hour and a half. It's also not for kids. It's not not for kids, it's perfectly ok for kids, my Silent Hill playing, Vampire drawing, Morticia Adams costuming niece loved it, but children are not the intended demographic.

Now, I'm Canadian, so you'd think I'd know some French, but I forgot the better part of elementary school, so screw it. However, that's what's beautiful about The Triplets of Bellville, it gets it's story across with a minimal amount of dialogue. This is good, considering most the time you're slack jawed over the art and character design alone.

Triplets has some amazingly stylized caricatures of people which brings out their best qualities. For example: The cyclists are thin as blades of grass, but sport throbbing, huge leg muscles, because that is there livelihood. The Maitre'd is like a string of cheese, bowing low, almost intolerably, persistently low, eager to please.(In fact, he was my favorite character.) And Bruno will have you whimpering "He's such a good dog!" through the whole thing.

My one real complaint is that the subtitles were in-effective, which isn't that much of a complaint. But yes, I know the dog is barking. You don't have to tell me, I just have the subtitles on in case there's a sudden chorus of dialogue!

If you're not one for artsy, subtle films, then put Triplets away. It's not for you. But if you're a connoisseur of characterization, outlandish possibilities, and old ladies blowing up frogs with landmines...then by all means, rent this film.

Oh, and the French Mafia sucks.

Rating: 1.0 shroom