World War Z - An oral history of the Zombie War

posted April 3, 2007 by Q

QI don't much like zombies. Funny, huh? Since I'm perceived to be so fucking morbid.

I don't like war. No, that's wrong. I don't like the technical or selfish, violent sides of war. I do however, find interest in the tales of human suffering that take place in war settings.

I fucking love WWZ.

My favorite thing about this book was that Max Brooks played it as straight as possible. It wasn't a parody or satire. It almost reads as a high school curriculum "required reading" book. You actually could feel, if you so chose, to believe the Zombie War happened, and that the world is rebuilding itself.

Within its some 340 pages are over 40 tales of people who've survived. The tales vary from civilians, military, teachers, business men, and even animals.

It was a visceral book without being gruesome or needless.

I don't know if Max Brooks knew dick about the military, really did his homework, or just winged it, but my completely military ignorant brain was fooled. Everything seemed to ring true.

The only problem I really had with the book was that I found some of the dialog was too repetitive. There were many different stories from people in different parts of the world who lived through different horrors. And yet, I remember reading the word "tenacious" or "tenacity" in at least three of the interviews. Sometimes the dialog fit, sometimes not.

They're making a movie out of this book, and I am worried. The only way I can really see it working is through filmed interviews and "Archival footage". Perhaps like the Animatrix...

I highly recommend this book!

By the way, it's totally a beer novel. Just sit back in a comfy chair, have one or two beers to pull back, and enjoy!

Rating: 2.5 beer