The Host, aka Gwoemul for our Korean fan.

posted March 29, 2007 by Big Josh

Big  Josh

Now you all know that I enjoy my Asian cinema due to prior reviews (see: Prior Reviews), but this one I really wanted to see because when I went with my wife and GL Jeff to see a RE-Big Screening of Serenity and there is the preview for this movie... And it is everything I wanted in the preview and then I realized it was still December, and that was a problem.

Months Passed

Then I get all hyped for 300, and I am talking everybody's ear off for this movie and I almost forgot about The Host, but thank god for IMDB. The whole month goes through, of course I go see 300 and love it, but there is no time in the month at all to see it and then we have our guests over from the terrible and dreaded East Coast and of course I mention premise so everyone who can is on board.

Now to the movie, it is bloody excellent in my view for various reasons and they are as such.

First the humor throughout the movie in my opinion never stops. From the opening formaldehyde dumpage scene, to the first attack by the monster, and up until the end the movie has a humor element the covers hilarious slap-stick cinema all the way to really clever lines thrown in everywhere.

Second the characters in this movie are excellent, hilarious, and all full of flaws which is always awesome. When each character begins to make there way into the movie they express all emotions and endure through some of the worst shit you could throw at human beings, the character Gang-Du is the most American Korean guy I have ever seen in a Korean movie and it is great because he is doughy, and always sleeping, and tripping w/falling, and the fact that his very Korean brother and sister hate him because he is lazy.

Last thing is that I loved how this movie rolled, and there were some of us that did not enjoy it. But if you have followed my reviews before and found joy in it, then please indulge. The Host is very definitely the fucking most!

Rating: 1.5 bong