Why is there not a review for 300 up yet?

posted March 11, 2007 by Jason


I see that it falls on me to post this review being that the movie came out two days ago and no one responsible for this site has done so yet.

My opinion of this movie follows as thus:

It has been a while since comic book movies have been getting the time and effort put into them that gives their titles justice(Sin City counts but that is also a Frank Miller project in which the style IS the movie). Fortunately for you and the rest of the plebians that live in this "great country of ours",this movie brings not only justice to the title but also makes you want to go out and kill some Persians because it seems like the cool thing to do. Then if you were really cool you'd build a wall out of their unworthy corpses.

This mmovie has something for everybody as long as everybody is looking for violence, sex, violence, violence, a good story, violence, characters you know are going to die but identify with and root for anyway, and violence.

I give this movie a rating of as many bong hits as you want simply because it's awesome with or without drugs and alcohol.

Rating: 5.0 bong