Vancouver Comicon

posted January 22, 2007 by Q

QSo, Stupidly, Saturday night/sunday morning (12:00 am to 4 am) was spent making little A Girl Called Kermit Ashcans to sell at the vancouver Comicon. Apparently this was my stupid idea, and Jer went along for the ride. Holy shit, it was both my best and worst idea ever.

But I sold 4 of them!

Anyway, Jer and I had a little 3X3 space on a table which we shared with a nice girl named Sephanie Blakey. She let us share her tablecloth. We chatted. And she likes Silent Hill, so we chatted MORE....

Jer sold a few copies of The Elves of Iax over the weekend too. He also worked on his flash animation intro/commercial thing for EoI.

Kisai the admin of ComicGenesis stopped by our table, coming for a visit purely at my request. I appriciate Kisai. I did stupid things on Comicgen (twice...) and Kisai fixed it. So now I recommend Comicgen to the "I wanna make a comic!" people. They have a good, careing admin. Eat it, Drunkduck and SmackJeeves.

Next to us also was Goblins creator Terol Hunt, who has the coolest name ever. The funny thing was, about two or three days before the con, I emailed him asking if he'd be interested in linking with Elven Lacryment and I hadn't heard back from him. When I realized he was himself, I pointed at him and said "I just emailed you!" And he saw EL's smaple pages.

"Oh yeah, you!"

He said then, that EL was 'gutsy', by virtue of having ShadowWolf being born on panel. He said he's never have the balls to do something like that.

So, here's waiting for Emerald city comicon.