Random News for November 2006

posted November 19, 2006 by Jer

JerThe biggest news is I am officially a self-published comic artist. The Elves of Iax has returned from the printer, and I debuted it at Anime USA in Tyson's Corner, VA. While it is true that Elves of Iax is a American comic book, I do have to admit I share a target audience with anime and manga. Everyone who stopped by the table was really supportive and I had a great time. My next tasks are to get the book up for sale on elvesofiax.com and see about getting it in some stores. After that, I can get right to work on chapter 2!

So a few people may stumble their way to Studio Splurd after all my meeting-and-greeting this weekend. If so, thank you for stopping by. Splurd.com is kinda sleepy these days. The crew is as close as ever, but most people just seem to have more important things to do then to draw and bitch for the internet. We don't update all that often anymore, but new stuff does pop up from time to time. If you're new here, flip through some of our old comics, and check back for updates once a month or so. You'll at least get a few new rants that way.

My friend Kim has been helping me work on my sites again. I've kinda let them slip lately since I'd been focusing all my energy on Elves of Iax. We've moved to a brand new server, away from the sin-against-man-and-everything-sacred that was Fuitadnet. I swear if I ever meet Pierre-Luc Brunet, I'm kicking him square in the meat marbles. First he sets up the most awesome, friendly-to-webcomics hosting company ever, then RIGHT after I sign up he sells it to some douche company in another country that spent the remainder of my time on that server breaking shit and blaming me for it. I am bitter, and the wounds still hurt.

Anyway, Splurd.com and ElvesofIax.com are alive on their new server. SplurdNet is still over on Fuitadnet, but I'll be moving soon. Once everything's moved, I've got some really good plans for SplurdNet. I basically want to help it grow into more of a portal page for web-comics. My energy will be focused on coming up with more ways for visitors to find a new comic they might like.

However, first and foremost from here on will be the Elves. Much as I love all my projects, EoI is my favorite and I really can't find words for how excited I am to see it finally out there and growing. Thank you to everyone who's supported it, I can't wait to see where we go from here.