Election 2006

posted November 8, 2006 by Jer

JerI've got your "divine mandate" RIGHT HERE assholes. You lost the house, and no matter how long you drag it out, you're going to lose the Senate. The White House is going to face investigation because it just lost both it's legislative testicles which had been feeding it a steady stream of delicious partisan right wing jism for six god damned years. The president will no longer be a secret joke among the intellectual elite. He will be exposed and humiliated for the embarrassing failure he has always been. If there is any sense of divine, spiritual justice left on this burned out, soulless spit of a rock called Earth, President George Willamina Bush Jr. will be the first American president ever removed from office by impeachment.

The most ironic thing is that with the Republicans castrated, I'm not scared anymore. I didn't realize how long I've had a pit in my stomach because of American politics. Now that pit is gone and I feel like I might not die in World War III tomorrow.

I said "might." Those of you with faith, keep praying. We've had states stolen from us in the last two elections, do not give up this fight until the executive branch and the legislative branch are going for each other's political throats again. That's how it should be.