*Fangirls all over the place*

posted October 30, 2006 by Q

QOnce upon a time, there was a magical comic character that Marvel Comics unleashed into the world. Mute and stoic and unable to touch for fear of hurting people...

She was brilliant, striving for mere survival.

Unfortunately, the writers and the world were not ready for her. In fact, this character's parent book had been passed from writer to writer and this diamond hard darling was all but raped by horrible plots and a whole lot of "what the fuck?!" retcons. She suffered, body used as a shell while the rich and powerful family re-aquired there status quo. I sound bitter, don't I?

Regardless, my beloved Penance is returning to the public! Thanks to a comic called Loners, us Penny fans get to play with our razor sharp kindred spirit.