Knights of the Old Republic

posted January 16, 2005 by Jer


Because of my aversion to X-box, I never played the original KOTOR until just recently. Also because I have so much work to do *cough* (splurdlink) *cough* I don't really want to get started with RPGs, cuz they suck my time away.

Well, living at Big Josh's place, I have now started KOTOR. Jay and Seffinga are dark, bloody evil Jedi, and Big Josh is a steamy, gleaming good Jedi. I thought about what I wanted to be... I'm too nice to be evil, but good gets on my nerves sometimes, so I'm doing what no one really wants to do with the game. I'm shooting for perfect gray.

I'm a smoke Jedi. I save one guy from the clutches of evil, but the next one I slaughter cuz I'm bored. If I've been good, I do some evil. If I've been evil, I do some good. My force meter is right in the middle. It's GREAT. I can have a little dark power and a little light power. I don't have to DICK people I like, and I can TOTALLY dick people who displease me. I'm surprised no-one ever though of doing this before.

Also, Mandalorians aren't evil, they just like to fight. I also like to fight. It's not cuz I'm violent, but cuz I like a challenge. I totally dig the Mandalorians. Thus, Duke Nukem is my favorite party member so far.

I also have a green lightsaber now. That's cuz I like to know everything about the one I'm killing before I kill them... which half the time I enjoy greatly. The killing I mean.

You'll notice, however, that SplurdLink has still not been worked on. Damnit.

Rating: 3.0 espresso