Vinnie Veritas is a God

posted September 27, 2006 by Jer


So... I haven't been around much lately. This is partly because of my day job, an affliction that haunts pretty much every first-gen blogger and web comic artist. I am, however - as I have felt the need to remind "The Interwebs" on a myriad of occasions throughout the history of this little web-artwork-rant-comic-review-collaboration (webartrancomrevcol) - not dead.

This past month, I've been working on something. It's not quite in shape to show off, but I can tell you it involves animation, The Elves of Iax and music that - apparently - I'm capable of creating. That last bit surprised me, actually.

I am still gunning for self-publishing The Elves of Iax. I've raised about 1/20th of the funding I need, and unfortunately public awareness can't really be measures. Quite a few people have visited the EoI site since I started the self-publish drive, so I feel like I've made an okay start. The project is haunted by my over-ambitious and occasionally fluctuating print deadlines, which is as I'm writing this set to the end of October. New hits have died down lately, though, so I'm discouraged. Not quite distraught, but certainly in need of a new direction. Some friends - including Mr. Seffinga who's knowledge of the way of comics I have the utmost respect for - suggested I create some super-cheep photocopyable "ashcan" comics to hand out for free. Though I like the idea of throwing out free stuff, deep down, the art major snob in me just can't stoop to that, not for the Elves at least. Not after as much love as I've already put into this.

So, like always, I have to do my own thing. I've been making an animated commercial to show to the Interwebs at large, advertising the Elves and the self-publication of said elves.

In just a few days, I'll be able to show you all the rough draft. I'm working with Jenn to do some keyframes and motion guides. They're looking just bloody awesome.

In the title of this rant, I mentioned the Mexican animator Vinnie Veritas. He's the reason I got off my ass and started frame-by-frame animating for the first time since college. (I don't count applying for a job at PopCap games. They're dead to me.) Vinnie is a man who sits down with a cigarette and a goddamned MOUSE (no wacom!) and just keeps making drawings till they are flying through the air clinging to giant kites to the tune of Wagner's Flight of the Valkyries. I could go on to single-handedly animate the feature length EoI movie, but Vinnie would still be a god to me.

So animated Elves of Iax goodness is neigh. If you've got me on chat, ask me and I'll link you to what I've got done so far. The rest of you, stay tuned.