200X40 pixels is nicer then 3 years of work!

posted August 31, 2006 by Q

QHey, remember when this was a web comic's site? Yeah, me too. Well, for today's rant it shall be a web comic site once again! It's my gift to you.

Guess what I do. I approve comics for SplurdNet. I also frequent other Comic resources like ChoiceComics. You know what I see a lot of?

Banners. Those cute little banners that are created to entice a new reader to there site. They're created to bait our curiosity so we'll click, and hopefully get dragged into the plot.

I understand full well the point of these images. However, I cannot express the disappointment I feel when your beautiful banner, with vibrant colour, snappy text, and a clever slogan looks better then your comic's entire backlog!.

When I hit that banner, I hit it because of art 90% of the time. I want to see MORE of that pretty, pretty art! I am let down. You are a liar and I hate you.

And now you know why I take actual shots from my actual comics to make banners.