Owing fuckers money!!!

posted January 7, 2005 by Big Josh

Big  JoshWhen you owe people money that is fine it is how the world has worked since the invention of debt and the world has been running since, but when those fuckers in which you owe money to just take it out on a whim without advising, warning, or even giving you a god damn nudge it would really piss you off right? Well I am BIG JOSH I don't get mad, well yes I do, but I also get ranty so here I go.

Why is it that multi-billion dollar companies like to keep honest hardworking citizens of whatever country down with their huge stinky money grubbing thumb that smells like old people and slimy people cause that is who runs these fuckers, hence making them fuckers in the same light. Also why would you just take that money from that person without notifying them and on top of it not feel bad if they are not able to get groceries, pay rent, car, or what the fuck ever they need to do to survive (UNCONTROLABLE SCREAM). I am not like the old me and let this come after me, I am taking this god damn bull by the horns taking it to the ground and screwing right in it's fucking ear, but before that I would like to say FUCK YOU MONEYTREE AND EVERYTHING YOU ARE YOU FUCKERS... thank you.