Pre-Order The Elves of Iax

posted August 7, 2006 by Jer


You may notice there is a banner ad on Splurd for about the first time ever. Don't get used to it, this is a special circumstance.

The first chapter of The Elves of Iax is finished. I'm attempting the impossible by self-publishing it. I have no approximately no funding and no fan-base. Those factors together almost doom me from the start, so I've come up with a method for acquiring both at once.

I'm selling pre-orders. By doing this, I hope to spread word about my story and earn funding to do a modest print run. I don't need a lot of pre-orders - the magic number is 400, give or take a few depending on how generous people are when they put their financial faith in me. While I've never sold that much of anything before, it's a relatively small number by Internet standards. 400 is about 0.125% of a link from Fark. I'm cautiously optimistic.

Of course, this presents the unlikely but totally plausible possibility that Elves of Iax becomes a runaway super-success. I don't particularly fear success, but I am not planning on rushing into it. I have the irrational fear that if I promote Elves of Iax too hard, I'll wake up one morning with 200,000 people wanting a copy of a book I plan to package and distribute myself. My hope is that by releasing the book in such an unorthodox manor, I'll build a small but solid fan base that I can build from as I write more of the book.

My dream outcome is to get a few more pre-order then I need to print, then get the books out to the daring and curious masses kind enough to have faith in me so they can create a mild but sustainable buzz across the Internet about the project.

So what can you do to help? If you are curious and daring, please place a pre-order. The book is $3.50 plus whatever the post office charges for me to mail it to you. If you're curious but not so daring, or if you just don't have the cash, just please tell someone about it. Post a link on your site; mention it in a forum; any little thing you can to help people know I exist.

So that's the plan. There's a little more information here about how the project is going and when to expect results. That page will get updated with success and... well, delayed success.

So pre-order. Or link to me. Please. I've worked really hard on Elves of Iax and it's really important to me. Thank you.