Getting Tired

posted July 28, 2006 by G.L. Jeff

G.L. Jeff

I am running low on steam. Like drip water on limestone my daily search for worldly knowlege eats away at my hopes for humanity. I think we may have been duped, and I don't mean into electing King George. I'm beginning to believe that the only true function of modern society is to focus wealth into the hands of the few and allow for enough third world slave labour to make mass production of disposable goods cheap for the cleaning staff of the super wealthy, i.e. the dumberican middle class. I recommend world wide revolution. Take two and call me in the aftermath.


news barracudas smell blood in the water
slicked lip they swim wicked spit vicious
slow them down slow them down
they might notice what's around
panic then ensuing would fast bring us to the ground.
If the cocaine psycho laughter of the criminally insane
would briefly stop a moment in their addlepated brains
only fire then could cleanse
the deepning chalk upon the slate
any dream for one days futures
will be dreamed a dream too late.

slam your body till it bleeds dead cold against the gate
fish wish to be eaten
they are lost when wakened, weakend
harsh light hurts like new burned skin
they need the shade,a growing shadow
of their coming fate

For now quite close but far away
the gnosis children gather strong
and rush on still full chained.

Oh, I forgot, I moved to Seattle. Gl Jeff now calls the emerald city home.