Innocence, Wisdom, and Corruption

posted July 17, 2006 by Jer


There are three types of people in the world, the innocent, the wise, and the corrupt.

Most people are innocent. Innocent people have faith. They are quick to trust, and quick to swear loyalty. They wish to remain innocent, so their trust is a tool to do so. They look to people they can trust to guide them through threats to their innocence.

The wise are those that through research and soul-searching, have discovered the truth. Where the innocent believe, the wise know. The wise care about the innocent, but may not always seek to protect their innocence. The foolish wise try to force the truth upon the innocent in the name of enlightenment. Often, the truth is not universal. The truly wise know they much protect the innocent until they are ready to discover the truth on their own.

The corrupt are those who have lost their faith and care only about their own personal gain. To the innocent, the wise and corrupt look the same. The corrupt abuse this fact by using the innocent as tool for their profit. Often, they see the wise as an obstacle to their ambitions, and paint them as villains. They talk incessantly, repeating to the innocent that they are good and the wise are evil. The foolish wise try to shout back, and in doing so often become corrupt themselves.

The unfortunate truth is that through human history, the world is usually controlled by the corrupt. It is the natural order that the corrupt will find their way to places of wealth and power, as the wise and innocent are always less ambitious. It is only after revolution that the wise shall be in power.

Revolution is in the hands of the innocent. The wise will call for revolution, but the corrupt shall always call them villains and the innocent shall always believe. For a revolution to occur, the innocent must wake up and see the difference between wisdom and corruption. They must then chose to abandon their innocence and elevate the wise to power once again.

So how can the innocent sort the wise from the corrupt? The corrupt speak while the wise listen. The corrupt profit while the wise work. The corrupt control while the wise don't interfere. The corrupt have much to gain while the wise have everything to lose.

Seek out the wise. Condemn the corrupt. Prepare to revolt, but spill no blood. You will only harm the innocent who follow the corrupt. The next war will be won with words.