We're not dead yet! We're getting better!

posted July 1, 2004 by Jer


Here's the deal. Inner-crew angst brought most of Studio Splurd down. The angst is resolved now, but I'm using the down-ness to make moving Splurd to Fuitadnet easier. Trouble is, Fuitadnet seems to be too successful to handle all it's customers right now and even though we set up a new account in June, it is still broken and unusable. To date, I have spent four hours waiting for "Live Chat," left three phone messages, submitted two support tickets, and sent two letters to the CEO, and our new potential site has still not set up. Now, I really REALLY want to give Fuitadnet the business, but come ON!

Okay, enough fuming. The truth is there is no way we can rebuild Studio Splurd before Connecticon - to which we were invited because of the Splurd website that is barely online. The irony is seering my brain. Splurd WILL be coming online again slowly between Connecticon and Otakon.

It is my hope and dream that by the time Otakon is over, Splurd will be more glorious than ever before. Seffinga and Big Josh are set to start posting a comic they've been working on, Jeff and Xrys are both anxious for ways to participate, Jason actually CALLED me for the first time in about a year last week, and Jenn of course never STOPPED being part of Splurd with Blah. We may yet return with no casualties. Not only that, Jenn and I were talking about ways to include more people in the splurdocity... people like Jenn's polar-bear-sized car-mechanical-genius friend Woobie, Seffinga's less-active-than-Jason friend Mike, my understadalby-morbid-and-creepily-macabre-artist friend Krista, and my Sister, with whom I have made sock-puppet comics and smashed food with sports equipment.

Hey, being deluded got me this far. No sense in giving up a working trend.