Silent Hill Origins : Someone's Bad Fanfic

posted May 10, 2006 by Q

Q*Bashes head against everything ever.*

I was afraid of this. The Silent Hill movie comes out, with a quality so not matching the games, but people end up liking it, and Konami and Team Silent decide to chug along by making crap.

Proof? Ok. How about Silent Hill Origins (Working title), a to be released this Winter on PSP.

Check this out: You're a lone truck driver stuck in Silent Hill on a routine delivery.

It's a prequel. It's said we're going to meet characters in other games.

The music for the trailer is shit. I cannot recall a SH trailer to ever recycle music before. But hey! If it's ok for the movies, then it's damn fucking ok for the PSP item now isn't it?

The Monsters look like unoriginal shit (Ohh..Grown up Twin Victims? Patent Demons with Numb Body legs? Upside down swirly Sadako?! Any chance any of that has to be scarey is shot down when it's all presented to me on a screen the size of the palm of my hand.

Fuck Silent Hill Origins!

Rating: 4.0 vodka