posted May 1, 2006 by Mr. Seffinga

Mr. SeffingaMost of you already know that my aspiration is to one day be a video/film editor. What most of you probably don't know is that for the last three weeks I have been to a number of interviews with Nintendo for a possible editing contract. Everything was going well, I had it on good authority that I was heading the right way down the home stretch on Tuesday (4/26) when I left yet another interview, reassured in the knowledge that my inexperience as a tested professional video editor was not a huge issue.

Color me pissed when I don't hear from them on Friday (after being told that was when to expect the three week journey to finally come to a close) and then get a phone call at 6:00 p.m. tonight informing me that what wasn't supposed to be an issue was now keeping me from getting the job. That's right...the rebranding of the Revolution, the Wii, officially cost me my dream job.

The HR lady stated, and I quote, "The requirements of the position have changed within the last few days to the point where we feel your current skill-set would be insufficient for the workload." Reading between the lines that translates to "You were gonna get the job right up until we decided to release the rebranding earlier than expected and the ensuing shit-storm we've recieved is taxing the marketing department so much that we can no longer use a fresh starter, we need a proven veteran." Isn't it ironic, that in the end, what is I am certain an unintentional euphemism for "penis" has just fucked me out of a job, ruining not only my day...but also my month...and quite possibly my year? I need some alcohol.