posted March 21, 2006 by Q

QI do things. I lurk about the internet under various aliases which you do not need to know, taking part in fandom. I'm an active fanwanker, and I write questionable fanfiction, and draw questionable fan art.

Through all this, and other venues, people have made a few comments. Some of these comments were actually quite violent and foul, but more then that, comments have been made about meeting me 'in person', things along the lines of "If I ever meet you in person, I'd punch you in the face."

Listen sweets, I almost dare you to try. Please follow me. This will be fun.

1) It's the INTERNET! Not only are there worse things to get worked up about, 2) Hypothetically, Person I've Offended sees me at a con, I say "Oh, yeah, I'm the psycho behind that wonderful Jan Valentine/Integral Hellsing non-con drabble." and, true to there word, I get punched in the face. Assault charges aside...Which is the worse person, the fanfic writer, or the person who just punched a cripple in the face?

It's the internet, they're fictional characters, they're not yours.

Calm the hell down, Nevada-Tan.