KatsuCon 2006 - Year of Redemption

posted February 22, 2006 by Jenn


Katsucon – Bigger and Better!...than last year anyway!

If there were a Black List for conventions among the Splurd crew, Katsucon 2005 would have been right at the top. So many things went wrong and were just so badly run last year that it left a bad taste in the collective Splurd maw. I personally was incredibly disenchanted with the great big festering snafu that was Katsucon 2005 for several reasons, their loss of my pre-reg info and money and being forced to pay $50 at the door for one thing. However, I didn't want to give up on Katsucon, since it's a cheap con for me (I pay virtually nothing extra for transport and lodging). So, after finding out about a hotel change and move into DC proper from Crystal City, I gave Katsucon one chance to redeem itself. And, as far as I'm concerned, it has.

The hotel was much better suited to hold a convention. The meeting and function rooms were bigger and roomier. Artist alley wasn't the fleshy press of bodies that it was last year. Getting through the main hallways in the hotel between rooms wasn't nearly as annoying. Lines that formed for events didn't take over whole sections of hotel. And even better, it was all contained INSIDE ONE BUILDING!

Here's where Katsucon gained massive points with me: I sent my registration in back in December. It took until late January to get my name up on the pre-reg list. Then, 3 weeks later, on the day of the con, I was STILL without any kind of email or snail mail confirmation of registration. So, as a precaution because of the year before, I went to my bank and got a copy of the cashed check then printed out the screen showing my name on their list. I went to registration line with both of these proofs that I had registered and they had taken my money for it. When I got to the counter, I gave my name and geared up for a battle. I was ready; I had my secret weapons! But, lo and behold, my badge was there. No fuss, no muss, no fight! Bonus points!

Katsucon is, once again, a con I will consider attending in the coming year…PROVIDED it is held in the same or a comparable locale. And now, some photos from the con!

With a table view like this, how could a con go wrong?!

Beef and underwear aside, things were A-ok.

There was quite a bit of this, herds of DS users flocking together to play MarioKart.

That was okay; I was protected by the power of Elder Gods and Goths combined!

But that didn't stop the ice cream from claiming at least one victim.

Look! An anime fan! Get it?? FAN?! Anime…right. Moving on.

Look who had the nerve to show up at an anime con, haven of over 1402 kinds of junk food!

Huzzah! Cap'n Jack!

Somebody decided that the next Battle for The Fate of The World would be held at KatsuCon 2006.

This Storm Trooper didn't mind!

There were Sharpie-induced Tattoos to be had, and they were.

And last but not least, one of the best shirts I've seen in a while.