Hellsing Ultimate OAV

posted January 23, 2006 by Q

QThere are two anime series that I own, compleately. Boogipop Phantom, and Hellsing. The new Hellsing Ultimate OAV is out in Japan now, and I happened to find a bittorrent of episode 1, raw. So now I bring to you, a review of Hellsing Ultimate.

I've read most of the the manga in scanlation form, as I am a broke cripple paying rent and don't have pillow money to spend on comics, no matter how wonderous Jan Valentine may be. So yes, I have scanlations.

I found the opening to be less faithful then in the manga, but far more dramatic, with Alucard playing it up even higher. The Priest of Cheddar village was much more obscene, and this was fine, considering that Hirano, the creator of Hellsing, started out in hentai comics. My one gripe with the "let's shoot the shit out of Alucard" scene is that when a bullet breaks his jaw, it was more vile in the first series, having a sort of retching/shattering sound, and then partially hanging off his jaw. This time, it was just some torn, bloody skin, increasing his grin. I prefer the first season's interpretation of that one shot.

I was never really a fan of Seras, I felt that she, with her big eyes and bigger boobs did not match the feel of the rest of the manga, but in Ultimate, I appriciated her more. She was cuter, stronger and, like in the manga, less afraid and more accepting of what she had become. Yes, I can now see why Pip would later find her attractive. As a sidenote, I am so sick of people becomming vampires, then refusing to drink blood. Get over yourselves and accept it! You're not human anymore. You need blood to live! Would you rather starve yourself and risk hurting living people, or drink from frozen medicinal blood? Good job there, genious. Yes, I just saw Underworld 2.

On to Integral. My exposure to Hellsing was the anime. Strightlaced, stoic, masculine, strighthaired, monotone Integral. If you've read the manga, you'll notice a waveyhaired, constently smirking, smug, sexy Integral. To me, this felt not quite right. However, the new series managed to capture something between the two. Now we seem to have smirking, smug, slightly-wavyhaired, stoic, proud Integral. She has more personality, and her relationship to Alucard seemed more based on an undertone of "Who's really in control here?" versus the "I don't take your shit, Alucard!" of the original anime.

I was sort of iffy on Andersong's voice acter. I liked the gutteral "Amen!" that Nachi Nozawa gave the paladin, and I loved the shrill, psychotic laugh. This series' Andersong seemed a touch more grounded in reality. However, the CG of his bayonette's and pages was far more detailed and animated and believeable then in the original. They were not as flat, they all appeared to move independantly, they had more 'personality'. And the Andersong/Alucard fight was so, so well done.

All in all, I am not dissapointed with this re-working of the series. I know that Hirano was displeased with the whole Incongito gimmik, and that he oversaw much in this new OAV. Hellsing fans new and old will adore this thing.

But why not See for yourself?. You may have to download a codecs set to view it.

Rating: 1.0 punch