Fuck You And The H2 You Rode In On

posted January 12, 2006 by Cris

CrisNo. Seriously. 10 mpg and how many soliders killed or wounded in Iraq everyday? I'm not going to go into a serious rant - I'll let this site do that for me. This shit is hysterical and I fully intend on getting some photos of my flipping off an H2 sometime in the future.

If only I had gotten a photo of the worst one I ever saw. One morning while sitting in the glorious parking lot of I-66 (that's in the DC metro area for all you non NoVA people) I saw this black H2...with West VA tags that said GASHOG.

I wanted to get out of my car and smear my shit on it right then and there.

It's not enough that the asshole had to be driving an H2, he had to be commuting, in NoVA rush hour, FROM WEST VA (that's 60-80 mi from Manassas where we were), with a vanity plate bragging about it. That is a BAD BAD person. It still fills me with seething rage whenever I think about it. People like that suck. One day....I'll see that thing again...