Beak's Nominees

posted December 29, 2005 by Beak

BeakMy Sober Award nomination goes to Serenity. Not just cause of it's overall amazing ness, but the fact that it was the movie of a canceled show. It was made into a movie because of the extreme outpouring of fan love. I think it just goes to show that voicing your opinion and fighting for a cause will do some good even when the odds are against you.

The thought of who or what deserves the bender award took some time. I finally decided on the Catholic Church. Not just cause of the continuing molestation cases. When it came time to choose a new pope after the loss of JPII, they had the opportunity to change the church's image for the better. So who do they choose to do that? A former member of the Hitler Youth, because nothing says we're changing for the better like a reminder of the holocaust sitting in power. Bender Award Nomination : The Catholic Church