Our Future

posted November 17, 2004 by Jer


So in my gradual move to Washington State, I've had to find a place to use the Internet when I visit Big Josh in Oak Harbor. The amazing Washington State Library System provides public Internet access but it doesn't always let you use your own computer - and I need Kanti (my powerbook) to work on any Splurd programming. Fortunately, I've located a sweet Internet cafe.

Today, however, I am the only one using this cafe for it's Internet. The other dozen people in the room with me are Senior Citizens using the tables to play Bridge. There was a time in my life when situations like this would remind me how much I dread the "every-time-you-sneeze-you-break-a-hip" years of my life, but fortunately I have read Terry Pratchett. The Sweeper is my all-time hero. Jenn and I once tried to meet Pratchett. We were shafted out of it because you had to be a member of this DC book club to get into his talk, but I had intended to get him to sign my hardcover copy of "Thief of Time" reminding me to "always remember rule one." Rule One made me look forward to growing old.

That's fantasy though. I know what we're going to be like when we're old. We're going to be sitting around playing 8-bit video games and bitching about how much better they are then the crazy holographic shit they make these days. We'll get together at holidays to throw down some Smash Brothers and tell our great grandkids "We didn't have these fancy shmancy holodecks when we were kids. We had to play as a little blue dude who was 22 pixels high and fought world-destroying master robots before they left their respective garages. And we LIKED IT."