AEon Flux (Spoilers below)

posted December 5, 2005 by Q

QThis review has spoilers!!
I liked seeing things from the cartoon leak into the movie, like the vibrating vest things, and missmatched eyes...
Some of the people in the opening scene look lifted from the cartoon, like one guy with a large nose. He just seemed Peter Chung-ish to me.
A few things that got to me: Trevor was a pussy. No matter what you say, Trevor was a pussy. I disliked Trevor. I kept hearing his lines echo'd in the cartoon's voice, and It made the blow less harsh.
Once it is revealed what's really going on, AEon seems pretty keen on distroying the entire human race. Anyone remember the 'alien' episode? Anyone remember AEon's reaction when she 'distroyed' the entire human race? Yeah. That whole scene just seemed out of character to me.
'Sithandra' was cool, and overall I was plesently surprized with Theron's portreyal of AEon.
I rationalized the movie for my little fangirl mind: Oona is cloned, grows up, becomes a Monican, her Monican name becomes Oona, and instead of sisters, She and AEon become lovers. That's my Perfect Begna.
"The Not-So-Secret History of 'Aeon Flux"

Rating: 1.5 shroom