Aeon Flux - A++

posted December 3, 2005 by Cris

CrisGo see this movie. Seriously

I had reservations about it - like how could anybody capture such a bizarre, surreal visceral series like Aeon Flux in a live action film?
They didn't try to.
They let the story speak for itself.

No stupid, unecessary "special effects" (defined by those that actually really come across as FX). No over the top sexyness (but still sexy). Just a lot of core elements that branded it as Aeon Flux, with a fresh view.

Badass gymnastic/acrobatics - check
Hot but not unbelievable femmes - check (granted that Aeon in the cartoon was inhumanly skinny, but that's not what I'm talking about here)
Clean, postmodern, slick, cold, sterile environment with splashes of color - check
Clever use of fabrics and dynamic fashion - check
Brilliant score - check
Chick with hands for feet - check
Intrigue, politics, conspiracy - check
Little bit of love (but not the sappy chick flick kind) - check
Surrealism (but not ars gratia artis) - check

Yeah, this movie was dope. Go see it.

Rating: 1.0 espresso