Fuck Christmas.

posted December 2, 2005 by Con Bard Drew

Con Bard Drew

To be prefectly honest, i don't actually *want* christmas gifts. I hate christmas. In fact, i Loathe Christmas/the holidays.

"Why?" a friend asks.

The commercials. The push to consume. That insipid music on constant repeat. The fake santas indocrinating the kids into consumerism. The insistance that i must decorate my home to celebrate. The cheap, 'personalized', drop-mailed 'christmas postcard' from my state representative, paid for with my taxes. The stacks of junk-mail catalogs. The fake cheer; the claim that it brings out the best in people, the truth that it brings out the worst. Have you ever worked retail during the holiday season? I have, i did for many years. It destroyed my faith in humanity. There's no kindness to be had amongst the masses fighting over the last fad toy in stock. There's no goodwill in angry consumers berating hapless retail wage-slaves. The guy with out-of-state plates doing 110 on the shoulder on thanksgiving sure as hell doesn't have peace unto humankind in mind. I experienced a significant lack of cheer when trying to tell the lady down the street that her kids were stealing all the bulbs out of the lights i (used to) put up, breaking them on the street, and leaving the glass for me to clean up. The guy next door wasn't very joyful when someone broke into his new car to steal wrapped gifts stacked on the back seat.

It's a holiday based on a religon i don't participate in, celebrating the birth of someone i don't believe in (whom was supposedly born in july anyway), that's been corrupted by the corporate interests. This same religon that's trying to suppress gays, abortion rights, and personal freedom is having a holiday to celebrate goodwill towards humankind? With some of the more right-wing members of that religon making threats to sue anyone who disses Christmas? And i'm supposed to play along, be joyful, and buy gifts for people to celebrate this? I don't fucking think so, jack.

I don't need society telling me that i need to show my appreciation to those i care about, on such and such specific dates. It's not just christmas; i loathe holidays in general. Father's day. Valentine's day. Hell with it all, i'll show people my appreciation on my own schedule, and in my own way. The idea of falling in line and doing as the corporate masters tell us we should makes me physically ill.

Life is not a Hallmark Moment.

You want to get me something, do it because YOU want to; not out of obligation, or because society tells you you should. Or hell, donate to a fucking charity or something. Take a homeless person to dinner, and let them order any damn thing they want. Pay the turnpike toll for the next 5 people behind you. Do something completely unexpected and nice, but do it for the right reasons.

(Also, Eat my holiday cheer.)