Last Days (ZZZZZZZ)

posted November 21, 2005 by Big Josh

Big  JoshNow I am a person who has for the most part enjoyed pretty much most of Gus Van Sant's work (remake of Psycho not that great) because he never tries venturing too far from the independent circuit and never tries to make a stupid big budget movie. Unfortunately Last Days feels like Gus is trying to hard to live up the indie movie spirit by making a movie that has little talking and nothing much else. Ask anyone and they will tell that I am a staunch Nirvana and Kurt Cobain fan so that is why this review hurts so.

This movie is tragically boring to the point you will start looking at the time interface on the DVD player and ask yourself, "I don't remember any day ever feeling this long and drawn out," because I asked myself that 25 minutes into the movie and I have seen Jesus of Nazareth. No one person sticks out of this movie; not even Michael Pitt as Blake (Kurt) really rattled my cage at all which is what I was waiting for him to do something, anything, at all. There is also this weirdly placed gay scene that just evades me on why its in there at all (hands up; not hating on gays).

The music is ok in the movie sometimes, that and the scenery is cool and probably the only thing I enjoyed about the movie, but in the extras of the DVD there is a Pagoda (Nirvana) track that is just god awful terrible and an insult to even Nirvana cover bands. There are good parts, but not enough to count so rent this if you are having troubles sleeping.

Rating: 4.5 bong