Killing is Badong

posted November 19, 2005 by Jer

JerTalking to Jason is always enlightening.

If one were to trace the fellowship of the Splurd back to its very roots, one would see that it all began when I met Jay. Jay introduced me to Seffinga and Big Josh, Jay and I went to the MTG game where we met Xrys, my college experience brought Jenn in to the crew while Jay's brought Jeff.

Jason is also a source of wisdom. Most of us are lazy and apathetic to verying degrees, but Jay actually cultivated this to the level of Zen Master. If ever one could change the world by actively doing nothing, he could.

Now, I live in Seattle. Most of the crew (everyone but Big Josh and Q) still lives in DC-Nova and points surrounding. The delema I wake up with every morning is that Seattle is a bloody AWESOME place to live but all my friends are back there in the social and emotional black hole of DC-Nova.

It's none of the internet-at-large's business as to the details, but I've done some bloody stupid things lately. It took me an obnoxiously long time to even REALIZE what I was doing was stupid, but it took a conversation with Jason to realize WHY. I'm going to asume most fans of Splurd are familiar with Steve Oedekerk's movie "Kung Pow, Enter the Fist." In this movie, there is a character named "Wimp Lo" who believes that losing is winning. Today, while talking to Jason, I realize that I suffer from a simmilar condition of thinking that bad ideas are actually good ideas. I also realize that while Jason was around, I had someone I could count on to hit me with a frying pan if nessisary to point out that most of the ideas I thought were good were actually, infact, catastrophically bad.

Jason, dude, I miss having you around. I hope ya move out here someday.