No One Wants To Hear It

posted November 11, 2005 by Jer

JerI totally can't believe I'm going to write the sentence that follows this one. I think the Iraq war is a good thing and is keeping Americans safe from terrorists.

I hate the Bush administration. I hate their policies, I hate their tactics of avoidance with the press, I hate their attitude, I hate their decisions and I hate every individual person involved with it. I do believe they lied to go to war in Iraq and I am convinced that their motivation was entirely based behind making money for the corporations that they either directly profit from or are major contributors to their campaign and the Republican party. They have mislead the American people in the name of money, and chose Iraq because it was an easy target, as opposed to one that might cause REAL problems like the nuclear weapons North Korea or the human rights atrocities in Africa.

However, for no reasons of Bush Administration design, the Iraq war is keeping our country safe and terror-free. The reason being anyone in the Arab world who wants to kill Americans could either spend the money and deal with the customs nightmare of actually coming to the United States, OR they could mosey right on over to Iraq and kill the ones that are local. Our troops are serving as an easier American target for Arab peoples with a bone to pick with us heathens, and bless said troops for doing so.

Then there's the touchy issue of whether they should come home. I got mixed feelings on this one and I'll admit right now I don't have the research to back up any of my opinions - but seeing as how uninformed opinionated journalism is the American way I'm going to share them anyway. No, they aren't there for WMDs. Yes, they are keeping us safe. No, the U.S. haters weren't in Iraq. Yes, they are there now. No, it wasn't fair to pick THAT country and it's people as the sacrificial lamb, but Yes, Sadam had to go. We needed to invade an Arab country to appease 9-11 anger, the Bushy Boys wanted to make money off of a war and of every county over there, Iraq was the easiest to pick on. Their leaders want to kill us for religion, our leaders want to kill them for money, and both of us have PLENTY of young men who'd love to go do some killing. Say what you want about the 10 commandments, a culture of life, the advance of civilization or whatever, the bottom line is the only natural predator humans have is themselves, and I guarantee every human that is currently breathing has had at least one moment in their life where they wished with all their heart and soul they could end another human's life. We love to kill eachother, it's just as we become more civilized we have to come up with more creative excuses to do so. Personally, I think the extremist fundamentalists over there have a MUCH more persuasive argument then the greedy corporation-fellating warlords over here, and that's why we can't get more Marines. Anyway, I started this paragraph talking about if we should bring the troops home. Short answer, no. The beauty of an all-volunteer force is that those boys and girls signed up cuz this is the job they want to do. The Marines I know love their job and the chance to shoot guns at people who are shooting at them. Others simply love the chance to serve their country, clinging to what tattered fragments of patriotism still exist in this jaded, econonocracy. They're warriors, heroes and true believers, and though the official reasons are bullshit, they're doing a good fucking job.

As long as there are humans, there will be war. We love to kill each other, and always will. The reasons may change, the excuses may grow weak, but it's a fact of being human. Sometimes, I'm just glad I'm on the winning team. We are lucky enough to be able to say "Okay, you want to fight? Fine, but we're doing it on YOUR soil." That's not to say I don't feel HORRIBLE for the people of Iraq who are getting killed over this, and this isn't to mention the inhuman imprisonments that basically rip the Geneva Convention up and take a crap on it (like a cat!). That shit needs to stop now - though probably wont till more scapegoats can be found.

So war sucks, but it's our species' favorite sport and always will be. If it wasn't Iraq, it'd be somewhere else. The politics behind it are retarded, the methods used are inhuman and the motivation behind it is money and power, but it is serving a real purpose, albeit at the cost of thousands of human lives. Who cares. Now god drink your Starbucks and wake me up when we live in a perfect world.

Oh man, I'm gonna catch hell for this one.