Hypothetically speaking...

posted November 11, 2005 by Jer

JerLet's assume for one moment that there is a God, and he's all-powerful. Does an all-powerful God need a human spokesman? Couldn't he like... talk to everyone at once? Maybe he tells each person something a little different because a) he made everyone different, so he has different things to say to each of them and b) HE CAN! Maybe, just maybe, god is talking to you in the form of that thing we call a conscience?

Stop listening to people who say they speak for god. God Almighty doesn't need people to speak for him. God is TALKING TO YOU RIGHT NOW. He was even nice enough to give you the choice to listen or not! I'd like to see any human talking for god be so considerate!

I don't believe in God, but I had one of those vivid dreams the other day where God talked to me. Know what he said to me? One word. "Draw." No more, no less. And yes, this agnostic heathen was uplifted and enlightened. I STILL don't believe in God and won't till I'm looking him in the face, but hypothetically speaking, he may have just told me the one thing he needed say to me. Do you see me going ape-shit and and starting some cult because ZOMG GOD TALKED TO ME!? No, but it made me feel like the path I'm walking - disbelief included - is the right one, and that is comforting.