Blah Experimentation

posted November 7, 2004 by Jenn


Last Friday, Blah reached its 300th comic and will be two years old one month from today. Wow...! Who'd have guessed!

I have decided that, after 300, I would start to poke around at formats other than the gag-a-day that Blah usually is. I had given some thought to doing storylines, which could require a 5-day schedule instead of the usual 3-day one. I'm pretty settled into the 3-day groove and am now quite familiar with how long it takes to do a comic (contrary to appearances, a Blah comic can take up to an hour to do depending on how complicated it is. Blah #100 and #200 both took even longer).

So. Blah is going to shift into an experimental phase. Instead of the standard gag-a-day comics, I'm going to run week-long storylines, adapting into Blah stories from Aesop's fables and possibly various world myths and legends. They're pretty short and would fit well in a 5-day schedule. That way, the basic storyline is already done and I can concentrate on working out a 5-day schedule, figuring out scenes and experimenting with the concept in general.

The gag-a-day format isn't going to be retired from Blah, oh no. I will be alternating weeks for stories and gag-a-days. Today is the start of the first week of storyline and there will be 5 comics this week, Mon-Fri. Next week, I'll go back to gag-a-day 3 times a week, Mon, Wed, Fri. The week after will feature another fable at 5 days a week, and so on, etc, et al.

Got any ideas about this concept? Thoughts? Threats? Mumblings? Drop a line in the forums or Email me if you dare. All feedback is welcome! Constructive feedback will be considered, unconstructive feedback will be laughed at, but don't let that deter you!